the difference...

Whirlpool attaches great importance to the creation of a kitchen environment perfectly coordinated and harmonious in its entirety. For this created Full Style, which defines a precso aesthetic code and characterizing the different lines Whirlpool: Fusion, Ambient.

Fusion line. Discover the new generation design.

Fusion cuisine is moderate with clean lines. The appliances offer a hi-tech design with touch display to represent the top of the range. They are equipped with advanced technology, intuitive, perfectly coordinated with the finishes in iXelium to last.


Ambient line. The meeting between style and functionality.

Line Ambient is a perfect combination of modern and traditional look. And 'suitable for any work style of cuisine and it offers a wide range of colors to suit every demand. Ovens, microwaves, sinks, hoods are also available in iXelium.