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world leader in the design and manufacture of range hoods for domestic use, Helix is movement and stability, expertise and curiosity, revolution and solidity.
Since the beginning of his adventure in the '70s, the company cultivates those principles which have emerged as highly qualified industry partners.
Dynamism, perseverance, refinement are in fact always been the engine that drives the propeller change and searching for "New Air", guiding her toward unexplored horizons and opportunity rich.




Starting with awareness from its Italian origins and a strong set of technical and aesthetic intuitions knowledge, Propeller moves naturally in the world, carrying the unmistakable quality of Made in Italy in an industrial context mondiale.Nella artisan care, the technological perfection and strict control of production processes are reflected our ideals. From the pen of the designer, the craftsmen; from the technical to the wisdom of specialists responsible for the quality of the finished product: this is our doing Italian.

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