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The Hotpoint appliances combine design, performance, efficiency and style. Designed to the last detail - the result of expertise, research and consumer insight - provide excellent results and innovative consumer experience, functional and rewarding. Washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, small and large built-in appliances or free-standing: all products for cooking, food storage, washing, garment care or cleaning, will amaze you with performance, quality and elegance. The harmonious and functional style and Hotpoint innovative technologies help to make your home unique. Perfect results thanks to appliances HOTPOINT ariston.



functional design
Quality in the details

The design represents an ideal balance between the needs of our consumers, and what

we want for them. It is not only the expression of a unique style, distinctive but a continuous search of features: ergonomic and innovative systems to facilitate the use of our appliances.The accuracy and elegance in every detail generates a harmonious and deeply satisfying style, by highlighting the innovative aspects that suggest a new approach to daily life and helping to make it more distinctive, congenial and familiar.

Fridge Freezer

HOTPOINT space 40

This great combination features the most advanced Hotpoint technologies to offer optimal storage and freezing conditions for all foods, even the most delicate ones. More freshness, less odors and bacteria, rapid freezing and reduced ice accumulations, always with low energy consumption. It is the new solution that offers a capacity of 400 liters, designed to easily adapt to a 75 cm niche and therefore able to integrate easily into your kitchen, offering up to 40% more space (compared to a standard combined) .