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Ala Cucine invests heavily in the Quality Control process.

This is to always offer a product that respects   certain quality standards. The process, in addition to strict internal controls on processes and work methods, is supported by specific CERTIFICATIONS on materials and processes in order to continuously improve the Ala product .



ASAICHI, or Morning Market in Japan. The name somehow represents the management method and objective of a meeting (similar to the fish market in Japan), obviously adapted to one's production needs.


30-minute meetings are called daily, involving the top management of all departments (relating to the project/product being analysed) plus a coordinator.
In these 30 minutes, only the non-conformities received (internal/external) are exposed:

  • the problem is acknowledged (what)

  • assign responsibilities (who does what)

  • the timing and the Deadline are defined (limit date for the completion of the works)

The ASAICHI method, in the quality management system is summarized in 8 steps:

  1. Information on the symptom of the defect/problem: collect all the information in your possession possibly accompanied by photos

  2. Inventory control/temporary solution: check all inventory in the warehouse and/or department and write the temporarily implemented action and/or countermeasure.

  3. Finding the root cause: not where I found it but where it spawned.

  4. Implement the countermeasure.

  5. Asaichi: 30-minute problem analysis meeting: who does what? how are we doing?

  6. Standardization: the cause and the solution have been found and it must be implemented.

  7. Education and training

  8. Daily management: ensure that corrective actions are carried out daily, or in this case when necessary during the production of the part in question (internal audit).

As can be seen, ASAICHI is out of everyday life, points 1,2,3,4 must be achieved if possible Just in Time. Points 6,7,8 will certainly take longer than the daily action but they are no less important to arrive at standardization.


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